House Cleaning Services Twin Cities Minnesota

Experience the Joy of a Deeply Cleaned, Organized & Tidy House

Exceptional house cleaning, organizing & handyman services.

Luxury House & Estate Cleaning

House Cleaning That Keeps Up to Your High Standards

We deliver a highly organized, neatly ordered and deeply cleaned house every week.

House Cleaning Services Twin Cities

We'll Keep Your Estate Deeply Cleaned, Tidy & Organized

We've learned so much over the years, and we're resolute in our pursuit of excellent results for our clients, and developing an engaging & mutually beneficial situation for our team members.

Culture - Process - People

You'll Love House Cleaning Services & Organizing by My Girls

Here's what to expect when you choose My Girls House Cleaning Services:

An Exquisitely Cleaned & Organized Home

Our entire team is obsessed with making homes look exquisite, and our process, people and culture is aligned to deliver that every week.

Never Over Booked, Always Fully Engaged

We're careful to work with clients that love our services, and we provide our team with the time & resources to deliver on our high expectations.

Take Back Your Nights & Weekends

You'll come home to a home that's looking fantastic, enabling you to invest in the relationships that matter most.

House Cleaners that Love Their Job & Pay

We're committed to developing a culture & atmosphere where people love to work.

Insured, Bonded & Background Checked

While we're much more trusting than suspicious, we also take steps to provide security for our clients.

We Properly Clean & Protect Finishes

When we clean, we use the right cleaning products to care for your home & prevent damage.

My Girls' home cleaners making an Eden Prairie home's staircase shine with their meticulous cleaning services.

Home Cleaning, Organization, & Renovation - We Have You Covered.

See Everything We Offer:

Residential House Cleaning

Move-out/Move-in Cleaning

One-time or Ongoing Cleaning

Customized Cleaning

Home Improvement

Organization Services

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Junk Pick Up Services

Minneapolis House Cleaning Services

A Team, Culture & Process to Deliver Excellence Every Week

The typical house cleaning company struggles to consistently deliver exceptional results week after week.

Our team members, culture & process empower us to consistently deliver a deeply cleaned & organized home, week after week, year after year.

We Clean Houses the Right Way

Why Most
House Cleaners
Struggle with Consistency:

We've learned so much over the years, and we're resolute in our pursuit of excellent results for our clients, and developing an engaging & mutually beneficial situation for our team members.

Here's why it's so hard for most house cleaners to deliver predictably excellent outcomes for clients:

They Underpay Their Team Members

We've learned to provide industry-leading pay because it leads to consistently excellent results.

They Struggle with Process & Training

We've heavily invested in a training system, rhythm and staffing that leads to consistently excellent processes.

They Forget to Care For Their Team

We love our people, and our leadership team and process is dedicated to serving them and help them flourish.

They Skimp on Equipment, Vehicles & Tools

We've invested in high quality equipment so that our team has the tools they need to deliver.

They Get Too Busy & Take Shortcuts

We're careful not to overbook our team members, and we're careful to work with customers that value what we do, so that we can deliver excellence.

They Don't Focus on the Clients that Value Them

We have a careful client selection process so that we work within our core focus so our team can passionately work to deliver excellence.

My Girls' luxury home cleaners making an Eden Prairie living room feel fresh, inviting, and spotless.
Exceptional Residential Services for Your Home

Home care excellence

Personalized residential services for cleaning, organizing, and upgrading.

Get To Know Us

Our Why

Exclusive Services by MyGirls was started back in the year 2000 by your local neighbor Pamela Jones. Because of her passion for cleanliness, she built her business one clean house at a time. Pamela Jones, the Owner, has been in the cleaning business for over 20 years and knows what it takes to provide quality, professional cleaning services.

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The home organization services for your offices, closets, pantry, and more.

Founder & CEO

Pamela Jones

Pamela Jones, the owner, has been in the cleaning business for over 20 years and knows what it takes to provide quality, professional home cleaning services to the Apple Valley, MN community and the surrounding area.

“Because of my passion for house cleaning, I started this business in 2000. Since then, I have established a reputation for the highest quality house cleaning in the metro area. I started out by personally cleaning each home; the type of work and services I provided to my clients was so detailed that word traveled quickly. I got so busy that one-by-one my girls joined with me to help keep up with the demand. That's where the name, MyGirls, originated. My girls, my son (who joined our company in 2013), and our amazing staff are such a huge part of this business, and I would not be able to do this without them. We feel so blessed to be able to clean for so many amazing people who love and appreciate us.” If you need home cleaning services in the Apple Valley, MN area, you can count on MyGirls to deliver quality service!

Impeccable cleaning by My Girls, ensuring a flawless entryway in a high-end Eden Prairie home.
General Manager

Hyrum Manager

Meet Hyrum, our General Manager, at Exclusive Services by MyGirls. He is a dedicated family man, loves a good cup of coffee, and truly enjoys hard work. Hyrum is Pamela Jones' son and he helps keep our business running smoothly. He specializes in estimates, home improvement services, training/checking on staff and so much more. If you haven’t yet, we hope you get a chance to meet him. Our clients love him!

Call us today to learn more about our maid, handymen, and organizing services in Apple Valley, MN.

Exceptional Residential Services for Your Home

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